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At Sassy, we have a fantastic team of writers, bloggers, photographers and girls-about-town pounding the pavements to give us the latest scoop in Singapore! Find out more about the fabulous Sassy bloggers team here!

Carmen & Natasha

Carmen & Natasha

Carmen & Natasha are a duet of bloggers exploring fashion & beauty in Singapore. They love finding affordable yet unique fashion in Singapore, showing their readers what’s currently in stores (online window shopping!), and travelling around Asia to showcase regional gems too! You can follow their blog here or on facebook



Beate (pronounced Bay+Ah+Ta!) is a freelance food and travel writer and full time mama to her fun-loving two year old son. She has a passion for all things foodie and most commonly assumes the position of one ear firmly planted to the ground for the latest bars, cafes and restaurants. When not penning articles, Beate can be found experimenting in the kitchen with exotic local ingredients or roaming Asia for weird and wonderful flavours (with a preference for the latter). Originally from the UK, Beate has been in Singers for 3 1/2 years and is loving being back near the equator after spending her childhood in Uganda and Kenya.



Elena is a Singapore newbie, keen to scour the streets for interesting finds (especially edible ones). She keeps these on her blog, Red Dot Stuff, a depository of thoughts and opinions about all sorts of stuff on the little red dot that is Singapore.


gillian headshot

Gillian Rhys is a British lifestyle journalist who has lived in Singapore for two years following two years in Hong Kong. She’s exploring Asia one spa, hotel and restaurant at a time. Read more at chopstixandthecity.com and follow her on Twitter @GillianRhys


halal food hunt headshot

Halalfoodhunt.com was conceptualised to provide media and advertising services for any halal-certified business or muslim-owned business selling halal food of any kind. Run by three ladies (Jums, Dee and Shams) who believe in the power of media, and especially love good food, Halalfoodhunt aims to be the one stop portal for all things halal as well as a complete media suite for food and beverage businesses.

Jennifer Cummins

Headshot-Jennifer Cummins

Jennifer is a fashion fanatic with an Instagram obsession and a love of afternoon teas! Other than constantly being on the hunt for the quirkiest cocktails, she loves sussing out on the latest hip haunts and labels in town!

Jennifer Lien

jennifer lien headshot02

Jennifer Lien is a Canadian in Singapore. A lover of words, she spends her days working in publishing and her nights (or, well, early mornings) writing about careers, culture, and all things wonderful about living life abroad. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @lienje.

Jennifer McGeever

Jennifer McGeever, Sassy Singapore

Jennifer has a heart for couture and an insatiable sweet tooth. A relatively recent inhabitant of the Little Red Dot, she originally hails from the (much colder) streets of London but as a Pan-Asian hybrid has spent many a summer on Southeast Asian shores. She loves exploring new places and understanding local culture by way of art, design and conversation! Exploring SG one lost-and-wandering afternoon at a time, she weaves words on the hottest & sassiest sights in her surroundings. See her visual scrapbook on Instagram or check out her other writings on the wall.



Junie is a hungry baker girl with a huge appetite for all things edible, anything remotely to do with coffee, many things pretty and quirky, and a complete fan of travel. Many of her daylight hours and spent baking, eating, street-scouring and finding balance through yoga.

Come join her baking adventures at PetitePops@blogspot.com, and remember – it’s perfectly normal to start a meal with dessert!


Mandy Lynn for Sassy Singapore_crop
Mandy Lynn is a freelance writer with an immense passion for food and travel. Formerly of I-S Magazine and WHERE Singapore, her features can be found on Appetite Asia, Coconuts Singapore, Lifestyle Asia, and Singapore Tatler Dining. For bite-sized food recommendations, follow her on Instagram and Facebook, or join her Gourmet Adventures for the latest hunts.



Melinda is a personal stylist (and fashion addict) who hails from London and has been shopping Singapore for four years.

Contact her for styling sessions or with your sartorial questions: melinda.barve@btinternet.com



Born in Hong Kong, raised in Toronto, and educated in Montreal, Roseanne is now back in her hometown and taking it by storm. Under her belt are editorial stints in ELLE Canada’s beauty department and Beauty RSVP magazine. When she’s not scouting the latest beauty buzz, she’s out shopping, eating, sipping on G&Ts and dancing with her girlfriends  – in that order.

Check out more of Roseanne’s work here!



Ruby “Wanderlust” Tan is a health nerd with a weakness for good dessert. She hunts for them in her hometown Singapore when she’s not on her other quest for glowing skin and the perfect cat-eye flick.

Check out more of Ruby’s work on RubyTanwork.com



Shawn’s appreciation for wine started as a child when her parents allowed her a ‘sip’ of wine at special dinners. That sip led to a passion for wine and graduation from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) becoming a Certified Sommelier.  She also has completed courses at the Le Cordon Bleu Academy in Paris. She regularly fills up clients wine cellars, holds wine tasting events and private tastings for clients around the world.

For more information on Shawn, go to www.myownprivatecellar.com



Simone is an Interior Designer who’s passionate about culture (as well as patisserie!) and is a lover of all things grey.
Check out Simone’s wonderful blog here for all things DIY, design and baking! www.lovinglymadeblog.com


Khoo Sziying headshot

As a Literature undergrad, Sziying struggles to maintain her sanity with a steady dose of music, fashion, culture and travel. Oh, and red wine – that too.


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